Strict OpenGL objects wrapper.
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NglobjectsContains all the classes that wrap OpenGL functionality
 CAbstractFunctionCallThe interface for a callable function with variadic argument types
 CAbstractLogHandlerAbstract interface to handle LogMessages
 CAbstractStringSourceSuperclass for all types of static and dynamic strings, e.g. for the use as Shader code
 CAbstractUniformAbstract base class for templated Uniforms
 CAttachedRenderbufferWrapper of render buffer attachments of a frame buffer object
 CAttachedTextureEncapsulates texture attachments of a frame buffer object
 CBufferWrapper for OpenGL buffer objects
 CChangeableSuperclass of all objects that want others to signal that they have changed
 CChangeListenerAllows listening to any Changeable
 CConsoleLoggerWrites LogMessages to stdout
 CErrorWrapper for OpenGL errors
 CFileString source associated to a file
 CFramebufferEnables creation of arbitrary render targets that are not directly drawn on the screen
 CFramebufferAttachmentWraps attachments to a FrameBufferObject
 CHeapOnlyThe HeapOnly class Restricts creation to heap
 CLogMessageEncapsulates a simple log message and its severity level
 CLogMessageBuilderBuilds a LogMessage from different kinds of primitive types
 CObjectSuperclass of all wrapped OpenGL objects
 CObjectVisitorImplements a Visitor Pattern to iterate over all tracked globjects objects
 CProgramWraps an OpenGL program
 CProgramBinaryUsed for directly setting binary sources for a Program
 CQueryEncapsulates a GL Query object
 Cref_ptrThe ref_ptr class provides the interface for a reference pointer
 CReferencedSuperclass for all classes that use reference counting in globjects
 CRenderbufferEncapsulates OpenGL render buffer objects
 CSamplerWraps OpenGL sampler objects
 CShaderEncapsulates OpenGL shaders
 CStaticStringSourceStaticStringSource is a StringSource using an std::string as source
 CTextureWraps OpenGL texture objects. A Texture provides both interfaces to bind them for the OpenGL pipeline: binding and bindless texture. Bindless textures are only available if the graphics driver supports them
 CTransformFeedbackInterface to use transform feedback
 CUniformWraps access to typed global GLSL variables
 Chash< globjects::LocationIdentity >
 Chash< globjects::StateSettingType >